DJ Greg Beckett

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A passionate skilled self-taught commercial DJ and crowd pleaser, which effortlessly works towards a stylish and immense atmosphere that can power any dance-floor!

Greg for the last few years is known notoriously for his famous set of Commercial Chart, Dance, House & RnB - anything upbeat and remixed, all mixed seamlessly on the decks! Greg's sets are always extremely energetic, passion for-filled, to embrace a forever climaxing atmospheric dance-floor.

The noticeable gift to Greg's set is his passion to captivate the audience, offering certainty of an astonishing atmosphere so that everyone who surrounds him has an incredible time. He very quickly got noticed for being talented and influential to his music, which raises him many awesome bar and club nights.

As well as the above well-known common genres he uses within his set, Greg was also brought up surrounded by a wide range of music. His mum introduced him to 90s pop and dance, his father loved Soul, Motown & Mod, whilst his Grandad was a professional pianist. Surrounded by the assortment of musical knowledge Greg just adored every style of music. At the age of 15 Greg was introduced to internet radio, where he DJ'd daily for 2-3 years, armed with high tech professional studio equipment, an extensive wide range music collection, this is where Greg found his true ambition.

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music styles

  • Commercial Chart
  • r&b / Hiphop
  • house
  • edm
  • Trance
  • BIG room Dance
  • Indie / Rock
  • soul & motown
  • ska

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